Are Miniature Schnauzers Good Running Dogs?

As a dog owner, the most fantastic thing you can ever experience is enjoying the morning run with your dog. Many dogs are perfect running buddies that compel you to go jogging even on your laziest days. If you have a miniature schnauzer, you could probably be wondering if they can run.

People have different notions concerning this breed. But, are Miniature Schnauzers good running dogs? The answer is simple, yes. This breed can happily accompany you on your morning run, especially if they’re in shape. Mini Schnauzers’ smaller stature and thick double coat prevent them from being elite running dogs, but their high energy levels enable them to keep up quite well.

What should concern you is how far they can go and how long they’re willing to stick by your side.

How Fast Can Miniature Schnauzers Run?

The pace at which a miniature schnauzer runs depends on its age, health condition, and the amount of running it’s adapted to.

A typical mini schnauzer can run up to 20mph or even more. If you take your dog for running training regularly, it will run faster (like some humans).

A mini schnauzer can comfortably cover a 2-mile hiking or running distance and still ask for more, this is how far my dad would run with our schnauzers way back when.

Miniature Schnauzers are always full of energy, and running is the best way to expend it. If you don’t exercise your dog, it may become overly aggressive, jumping all over, and get injured in the process.

Since they are traditionally rat-hunters, they quickly get distracted by sounds. But don’t worry – you can always keep your dog in check with some training to not give in to distractions as much.

At What Age Should You Take Your Mini Schnauzer Walking And Then Running?

Schnauzer puppies are good to go for a short walk at about ten weeks of age. But for how long should such a puppy walk? Well, a 5-minute walk happening about three times a day won’t do any harm. As the mini schnauzer grows older, you can add 5 minutes per one month of age to the exercise time.

For instance, a two-month-old mini schnauzer puppy should walk for at least 10 minutes. With time, you can start training it to run by throwing objects to be fetched.

As your dog grows up, its energy will become more evident, and at this point, you can increase the exercise time and even take it out for long hikes. Just make sure you don’t strain it too much.

Note: Keeping a regular schedule can help your dog learn and adapt fast, and hence, avoid straining.

Unfortunately, your dog will lose some energy as it grows older. At some point, it may not be able to cover the distances it used to or play like before.

Watch out for signs like an easy distraction, abandoning a run to sniff, panting too much, groaning, lying down, and looking overly tired.

If you’re curious about the age at which Mini Schnauzers turn from puppies to slightly more mature adults, make sure to check out my content about when Schnauzers calm down.

How Much Exercise Does a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Need?

Naturally, a miniature schnauzer prefers walking, playing in the backyard, and sniffing here and there rather than running long distances. However, you can always train it to run and let it adapt gradually. Since it enjoys walking and being around you, make sure you take your dog out at least once every day.

An adult miniature schnauzer requires about 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day at minimum. The best way to achieve this is to take your dog out for a 30-minute walk, at least twice a day.

A 90-minute walk spread across three walks is the ideal amount of exercise that will enable your dog to spend its energy and stay fit.

For a miniature schnauzer puppy, you can start with 30-minute walks spread in 10-minute walks and later increase the walking time as the dog adapts.

The good thing about this breed is how easily they adapt to living anywhere, ranging from a log cabin in the woods to an apartment in a busy neighborhood.

Besides, they are intelligent and easy to train. So, don’t worry about your dog failing to adapt to the exercise schedule. Once it adapts, you won’t stop it from accompanying you on five-mile hikes or more. Trained miniature schnauzers love this!

4 Tips to Enjoy Running With Your Mini Schnauzer

If you have spent time with a mini schnauzer, you should have realized how active and energetic it is. However, it gets easily distracted at first, and you may have to remind it that it’s jogging time.

Even so, there are tricks to make your running exercise more enjoyable. Check this out.

Keep Your Dog Focused

Distractions are what will make your morning run with your dog a total mess. But you can always improve the focus of your dog. First, use commands that will inform the dog that it’s running time.

For instance, words like “run,” “let’s go,” “hey,” will pull the dog from its sniffing hideout back to the running track. More of such words and praises can help your dog adapt to running, avoid distractions, and focus on you.

Alternatively, you can carry something that keeps the dog’s attention on you. Have something that will make the dog want to run after you.

Let Your Dog Rest, And Keep It Hydrated

Dogs get tired a lot, especially when they aren’t used to running long distances.

If you have to go with your mini-schnauzer on the morning run, try and have short breaks at intervals. This will help both of you to regain energy and enjoy the whole running exercise.

Miniature schnauzers do have a double coat as I talked about in this article about them swimming, which makes them fairly intolerant of hot temperatures. It’s important to not let them overheat on a steamy day outside.

Make sure your schnauzer has a good, clean water source while you’re on your run (like this one on Amazon) or right after; you want to hear that slurping sound of them lapping up cool, refreshing water soon after you get home!

Keep Your Schnauzer Healthy

A dog can only enjoy running when it’s healthy. As such, you should try your best to cover the basic things that will keep it healthy. Walking is one of them. You should also feed it healthy dog meals and take it to the vet as necessary, or at least annually.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), diseases like cataracts are common in schnauzers. So, watch out and help your dog in the right way.

Don’t Over-Exercise Your Dog

Even though mini schnauzers love being active, running, walking, and generally playing around, there is a limit for every dog. The limitation may depend on the age of the dog or its health condition.

Young puppies should only exercise for a few minutes, say five. Similarly, old dogs should exercise for a short while due to diseases like arthritis that make walking painful (see my article about Schnauzers and arthritis here). Consult your vet and find out how long your dog can withstand walking, jogging, or running. All in all, mini schnauzers do make good running dogs.

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