Can Havanese Dogs Be Left Alone For Very Long?

All dog owners worry when they have to leave their pets alone, but Havanese dogs are particularly difficult to leave if you have to be gone for a long period of time.

Adult Havanese dogs should not be left for more than about two to three hours, and puppies need their humans around pretty much twenty-four seven.

If you need to be away from the house a lot and you already have a Havanese, try to find a solution that means the dog won’t be alone for extended periods. A neighbor, pet-sitter, or reputable doggy daycare may work.

If you don’t already have a Havanese dog, consider whether you can really commit the time this breed needs.

Do Havanese Dogs Do Well By Themselves For A Very Long Time?

No, Havanese dogs are companion breeds and they do not thrive when they are left alone a lot. An adult Havanese that is well adjusted and secure may manage for up to about four hours alone, but this is still stressful for the dog, and should not be the norm.

Below are some tips for the best way to make sure your Havanese is comfortable before leaving themL

  • If you work away from home, Havanese may not be a good option for you. Even if you can pop home for lunch, an eight hour workday (plus travel time) is not very fair on these dogs, as they are so much happier when they are with their families.
  • They thrive on being with their people, and love physical contact and snuggles. If you aren’t around for hours at a time, they often get anxious and may start to destroy things. Even well-behaved dogs can get very insecure if they think their families have left them.
  • You should be aware of your specific dog’s personality and needs, and not assume that all Havanese dogs will cope for four hours just because some will. Some will start to get anxious after just thirty minutes. Don’t put your dog through stress on a daily basis; find some other solution, or get a different breed.
  • If you have a Havanese puppy, being present is even more important, as they will look to you for security and companionship all the time when they are awake. They are likely to be missing their litter-mates, and will expect constant attention.

Do Havanese Dogs Have Separation Anxiety? 4 Tips On How To Deal With It

Any dog can suffer from separation anxiety, but Havanese dogs particularly like to know where their packs are at all times! They have been nicknamed “Velcro” dogs and will get very nervous if they are left alone.

  1. The best way to deal with this is to ensure that even if you have to be away from home, your pet is not left for hours at a time.
  2. You can also encourage security by giving your dog lots of attention and making it feel safe when it is young; this will translate into a better adjusted adult dog. Spending time with your Havanese is really the only way to keep them happy, and stop it from suffering from separation anxiety.
  3. Leave a personal item such as an old unwashed t-shirt with your puppy so that it can smell your scent and feel comforted.
  4. If you have a Havanese as a puppy, make sure that you introduce the idea of separation with care and respect your animal’s needs. Taking on an older Havanese can be harder, as if it already has separation anxiety, it’s almost impossible to erase. Give your Havanese plenty of attention and time. This may help to make the dog more secure, but you need to be aware of its anxiety and make arrangements to avoid worsening the problem when you do have to go out.

5 Tips On How To Train Havanese To Stay Home Alone

You cannot really train a Havanese to stay home alone by itself, but making your dog feel more secure is a good way to make it better about being left alone. Often, a safe spot in the house where your dog sleeps and goes for comfort (independent of you, so not in your bed) is a good start.

  1. A crate may help your dog to feel safer when left alone, so consider crate training your puppy. This will provide it with a safe space to retreat to when necessary.
  2. To reduce separation anxiety when you leave, make sure you don’t make a big deal out of leaving. Hugs and kisses and lots of fuss will convince your dog that something serious and monumental is happening. Instead, play with your dog as normal, and then simply walk out without fanfare.
  3. You need to slowly build up to leaving your puppy by only going for very short instances. You might try five or ten minutes to start with, and no more. Work on slowly increasing the increment of time, and check how stressed your dog seems when you return. Don’t wait long enough for the dog to get very worried, as this can have a permanent effect. If your dog is stressed, don’t increase the amount of time you leave for until it seems calmer. Instead, go for shorter periods for a while to prove that you do return.
  4. Leave a personal item such as a t-shirt or towel with your puppy so that it can smell your scent and feel comforted.
  5. When you get back from a trip out, you should again avoid making a big fuss. If your dog is over-excited and thrilled, wait for it to calm down before you greet it. This can be quite hard, but responding to your puppy’s excitement with your own will confirm that you were also affected by the separation, and it’s something to be concerned about. Greet your dog calmly and give it some attention, but don’t overdo it. The less of a “big deal” it seems to you, the more your dog will take the cues that you leave and come back, and it’s not a problem.

Remember, you can only push this training so far, and your dog will not “learn” to cope for hours on end without people. It will stay stressed, and no amount of training will make this companion breed happy when left by itself for hours.

Where To Leave A Havanese In The House And How To Keep It Entertained While Alone

  • You should leave your Havanese somewhere that is safe and comfortable, and ensure that it has water and access to its toilet.
  • Exercise it thoroughly before you go out if possible. Thirty minutes of play is a great way to tire your little friend out and encourage it to sleep, or at least relax, while you’re gone.
  • This play and attention also reassure your dog and strengthen your bond, and may help to reduce its anxiety!
  • Try to provide it with plenty of toys to keep it busy while you’re gone. Havanese are among the most intelligent toy dogs, and they need things to keep their minds occupied.
  • Rotate toys so that the dog does not get bored with the offering, but always has something new to do. Putting a new toy down just before you go out will hopefully keep your dog distracted for at least some of the time you are gone.


In short, you cannot leave a Havanese dog alone for a long time. They are companion breeds and they are happiest when they are beside you. If left for too long, they can get destructive and clingy, and may be harder to leave in the future.

If you know you need to leave your Havanese for longer than you are comfortable with, arrange to have a neighbor or pet sitter check in, or find a reputable doggy daycare for your dog.


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