Golden Retrievers & Barking: What To Expect + Simple Solutions

If you are looking to adopt a golden retriever, I’m sure barking is your near your #1 concern. And why wouldn’t it be?

Waking the whole neighborhood at night or perhaps barking at strangers is probably one of the most embarrassing things you can experience with dog ownership. Thus, it’s never just about you and your family; it also involves the people around you.

But the real question is, do Golden Retrievers bark a lot?

Golden Retrievers do bark a fair amount, like many other dog breeds with higher energy levels. However, the good news is that they aren’t as aggressive as most guard dogs. They are more likely to have loud but happy barks where they are just communicating something with you.

This isn’t probably a problem for some people, but this can be the most significant factor why some people might not go for one their favorite dog breeds.

Before you make such a big decision, here’s everything you need to know about Golden Retriever barking and how you can control them.

The 3 Typical Reasons Why A Golden Retriever Is Barking

Before we get to conclusions and solve the problem, it is essential to understand the root cause of their barking vocalization that can help you determine the rest of the actions that you need to take to fix it.

1. Excitement

Golden Retrievers are one of the most energetic dog breeds out there! This inevitably comes with loud barks that may annoy Mrs. Karen next door. This doesn’t mean your Golden is really doing anything wrong in these situations.

If your family is happy and has an exciting moment going on, you can expect your Golden Retriever to bark to enhance the excitement.

2. Wanting Attention

If your dog barked once and ignored them, this will only encourage them to bark louder. This elevates if you usually give the attention every time the bar. This can also be true if you’re paying attention to your kid over your dog. Golden Retrievers have a unique ability to sense when they are not the center of attention. Thus, it would help if you strived to make them feel content without giving them attention all the time.

3. Barking Out Of Aggression

Due to the high temperament of this Golden Retriever breed, they are most likely to bark at the slightest noises that they may hear. There can be many ways your dog will express thor aggression towards a particular thing, and barking can be one of the most common ones.

These are social dogs which means they are never afraid to bark whenever they want regardless of wherever they are.

How Loud Is An Adult Golden Retriever’s Barking?

Although the sound level of an adult Golden Retriever can vary from different dogs, you can expect him to bark at up to 114-116 decibels, which is very loud! If the reason behind the bark is aggression, this can shoot up to something even higher.

When Do Golden Retrievers Start Barking As Puppies?

Golden Retriever canine vocalization will usually begin in 2 to 3 weeks of age, when the puppies’ eyes and ears open. However, they may not directly go barking. It can start with grunts and whines in around seven to eight weeks, turning into yips and barks as they come closer to 16 weeks.

However, this also varies from dog to dog. Not all dogs are the same; this means some dogs might vocalize from the first possible moment while others are more communicative than the orders.

Similarly, some dogs tend to stay quiet, where some are just louder in general (just like people).

4 Reasons Golden Retrievers Bark At Night (And How To Stop Them Doing That)

Nothing is more embarrassing than your Golden Retriever barking at night. At times, a combination of factors that they themselves don’t realize leads them to bark at night, such as not getting enough exercise, being afraid of loud noises, alerting you to people or intruders outside, or a poor diet.

Unless you know what they are asking for, you will never be able to put them at ease and ensure you are not encouraging this behavior.

Before I get into specific reasons, one thing you need to make sure you never spoil them by giving them whatever they want when they bark.

This will only aggravate the problem and make it difficult to control them in public.

Here are four key reasons why your Golden Retriever might bark at night and how to stop them.

1. Your Golden Isn’t Getting Enough Exercise During The Day

As mentioned earlier, Golden Retrievers are naturally energetic dog breeds. So you need to be taking time to train them or go for regular walks.

It can deter their natural urges to stay outdoors and keep entertained. This will also help to eliminate their boredom and elevate their mood.

2. Your Golden Is Trying To Alert You To Something

Sometimes this could be something serious where your dog might try to alert you to the presence of an intruder or even an animal that can pose potential harm.

If you notice your dog barking, but there is no real danger, stand in front of your dog to give him a sense of assurance.

To get him to stop, you need to find ways to divert his focus to something else, which will allow staying engaged in the thing they are interested in.

If you stand behind the thing he is barking at, it will help him understand that you are not worried and he shouldn’t either.

Once that is done, gently command your dog to stop. Making sure you are highly gentle here, being loud will only elevate the problem. Try centering his eyes on you while you say a few things to calm him.

3. Your Golden Is Feeling Fear

If your dog hears noises like fireworks, lightning, or heavy winds, this can also be the biggest reason your dog is scared at night, resulting in him barking.

Here you can spend a few minutes with your dog to let him know that he is safe and you are there.

4. Your Golden Retriever Has A Poor Diet

Poor diet or any other health problems related to the gut can also cause irritability.

This includes not eating well enough in general, overeating at night, or perhaps he is simply eating the wrong foods.

If any of the first 3 reasons for nocturnal barking mentioned above don’t match up with your dog, a poor diet can certainly be the problem you need to resolve.

Here, consult a vet and ensure your dog is healthy at all times.

What To Do If Your Golden Retriever Is Barking A Lot At Strangers Or Other Dogs

If you have a Golden Retriever who is barking more than usual, it’s time you start observing things a bit more and take necessary actions.

It is easier to start with their behaviors while barking to understand the main reason behind them.

Listen to the pitch and frequency of the bark.

If you didn’t know this already, the way your dog barks could reveal a lot about its purpose. Rapid, high-pitched barks usually indicate a happy or excited dog, whereas slower and more growling can mean that your dog feels threatened or aggressive.

If this happens, the worst thing you can do is to ignore them. As a general rule of thumb, when dogs growl or have aggressive barks, they usually require some action from your end.

If he is doing it because he is bored or anxious, find out what they want and see if it’s reasonable.

It is also never a good idea to give them everything they want. However, if you hear high pitch yelps that are not barks, this could be the sign that your dog is in trouble and needs your help.

Give a Stop Command

If your dog is barking at strangers, either command them to stop or give them something else to do. Ensure your voice is firm but not loud, as it will only encourage them to do more barking.

However, this will only work if you have taught them to stay quiet or sit on your command; therefore, before you encounter such an embarrassing or annoying situation, make sure you have trained your dog to understand and comprehend your verbal commands.

The best way to avoid this at the first pace is to help them be social and interact with people and other animals in general. This will help them stay comfortable around humans.

Chances are your dog is barking at something; you need to distract him with something else.

Avoid Using A Muzzle On Your Golden Retriever

One thing that many dog owners do to prevent your dog from barking is to count on muzzles. Bear in mind; such practices will not be an effective way to teach them not to bark. In the long term, this can also lead to other behavioral issues that might be too hard to handle.

All in all, barking isn’t always bad. It helps give you a glimpse of what your dog is feeling and what you can do to help them. Just like with everything, this is also an important way of communicating with your pup.

However, this may become a concern if he starts to bark more than usual; when you notice that is happening, you can hit on any of the methods mentioned above and get them under control before you know it!

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