8 Dogs That Get Along With Golden Retrievers (For New Owners)

Golden Retrievers are very social dogs and will get along well with people and other dogs regardless of size or breed. However, the other dog will need to be friendly with them, or they are likely to steer clear of them. 

Keep reading to learn how Golden Retrievers get along with specific breeds, both large and small, and the best way you can introduce a Golden Retriever to your home if you already have dogs, so they become fast friends!

How Does a Golden Retrievers Temperament Affect How They Socialize? 

Golden Retrievers are naturally trustworthy and friendly, which means they are very likely to walk up to a strange dog at the park or while out for a walk and try to make friends with them.

Goldens can also be a little too kind for their good and are more likely to walk away from an aggressive or vocal dog than to become agitated. 

How Do Golden Retrievers get along with other medium to larger dogs?

Golden Retrievers get along best with other Golden Retrievers, but they will make fast friends with any dog they come across.

Larger breeds make the best companions for them because they are similar in size and strength.

Even if the Golden Retriever gets excited and starts to play a bit rough, a larger dog is less likely to suffer an accidental injury. 

Some of the larger dog breeds Golden Retrievers get along with are: 

  • Labradors: Golden Retrievers and Labradors are both hunting dogs and have a lot in common. They generally get along very well since they have a similar energy level and size. 
  • Huskies: Huskies and Golden Retrievers make great friends even though there is a size difference. However, Huskies tend to have more energy, so a Golden Retriever might get tired from playing with their Huskie sibling.
  • German & Australian Shepherds: Golden Retrievers get along very well with either breed of Shepherd because they have a similar size and temperament. Both are energetic and friendly dogs that will love playing together. 
  • Collies: Collies are an interesting case because they tend to be more aggressive and prone to bark at other dogs. However, Golden Retrievers seem to break that cycle and get along very well with Collies as they are both very energetic breeds. 

How do Golden Retrievers get along with smaller dogs?

Golden Retrievers get along well with all kinds of dogs, even smaller breeds.

However, they tend to be very playful and forget that they are much bigger than the dog they are playing with, so they might get too excited when first meeting a new small dog. It’s best to keep an eye on them the first time they meet.

Some of the smaller dog breeds Golden Retrievers get along with are: 

  • Chihuahuas: Whether a Golden Retriever gets along with a Chihuahua has more to do with the Chihuahua’s temperament than the Golden Retriever’s.
    • While Golden Retrievers are always friendly, they are also much bigger than the Chihuahua, making them not a great fit as companions. 
  • Dachshunds: Dachshunds can be a bit territorial, so there might be an adjustment period where the two dogs get a feel for living with each other, but there’s no reason they can’t become amazing friends over time. 
  • Beagles: Even though Beagles are smaller than Golden Retrievers, they have very similar temperaments and are friendly and affectionate. The two will get along very well. 

Keep in mind that not all dogs are the same, and even if the overall breed might not be the best fit with a Golden Retriever, it could be the case that your dog is more socialized with larger breeds.

If you can test how they will react to a Golden Retriever before committing to getting, such as at a dog park, you might want to try that. 

Are there things you can do as a pet owner to introduce a Golden Retriever to your existing dogs in a peaceful way?

How you introduce your Golden Retriever to your preexisting dogs will depend slightly on whether you are getting a puppy or a mature Golden Retriever and how well your dog(s) get along with new dogs.

Nonetheless, here are some general tips for introducing your Golden retriever to your home.

Prepare your home for a new dog:

  • Put away any of your dog’s toys. Having a new dog come into their home will already make most dogs territorial, but having that same dog take one of their favorite toys will only make things worse. It’s better to get rid of the possibility.
  • Have separate spaces for each dog. There’s bound to be an adjustment period where the dogs get used to each other, and they might want to escape each other from time to time. Giving them a separate space to relax and be alone could help.
  • Have separate food dishes. Having their food dishes right next to each other could encourage aggressive and possessive behavior. Keep the dishes away from each other and make it clear who’s dish is who’s. 

Introduce the dogs by:

  • Find a neutral area for the first introduction. Your dog sees your home as their territory and can turn aggressive if they see a dog they’ve never seen before coming into that territory. Introduce the new Golden Retriever in a public space or at a friend’s house instead. 
  • Keep both dogs on a leash. You don’t want one of the dogs to rush the other, which is threatening. It might be that the Golden Retriever is just excited to meet another dog, but it could cause aggression.
  • Keep calm yourself. Dogs can sense tension, so they will start to feel similarly if you’re stressed about the meeting. 



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