Why Do Hamsters Not Get Along With Rabbits? (Explained)

When it comes to small furry pets to keep around there’s no contest beyond hamsters and rabbits.

These furry pals are small, fluffy and everything we love in a pet.

But Do Hamsters and Rabbits Get Along At All?

If you are wondering if hamsters and rabbits get along the answer is a straightforward no.

Rabbits and hamsters have completely different ideas of socialization and this means the presence of a rabbit will unnerve your hamster to no end.

And since hamsters are far more territorial than rabbits they’ll likely end up attacking your bunny before too long.

It’s important to note that despite appearances both animals are very different.

Rabbits aren’t even rodents despite popular belief (they are lagomorphs), so the two species are more distant from each other than you’d think.

However, we want to cover every possible angle in today’s article. So, we will be taking a closer look at the main reasons why these two lovable pets don’t get along with each other.

Understanding The Different Temperaments of Hamsters and Rabbits

The first thing we need to understand about these two pets is just how distinct their temperaments are.

Rabbits are known for being social animals that love to interact with each other and humans.

They like cuddles and attention and are quick to form a hierarchy when grouped together.

Hamsters, on the other hand, are loners by nature. Hamsters are very territorial animals and usually, they struggle to interact even with their own species.

So adding the much larger rabbit to the mix is a recipe for disaster!

If a rabbit and hamster come into contact with each other the rabbit will expect contact and interaction, which will stress your hamster.

If a hamster gets stressed it’s very likely to attack and this will completely throw away any possible calm between them.

It’s also important to note that the playful temperament of rabbits is an issue of its own due to the size difference.

Rabbits are just far too large to safely interact with a hamster. So even without the risk of a hamster retaliating a rabbit can easily harm or kill a hamster without intending to.

Generally speaking, a hamster will always want to live alone so any potential neighbors will stress it.

However, rabbits are one of the poorest matches possibles due to the difference in size and temperament.

These two animals just aren’t meant to live together.

Do Dwarf Hamsters Get Along Differently With Rabbits?

Now, just like not all people are the same, not all hamsters are the same. And many people will feel the above describes Syrian hamsters more than they do dwarf hamsters.

So how do things change if we begin discussing dwarf hamsters instead?

The main argument at play here is that dwarf hamsters are considerably more social.

Dwarves not only are social enough to comfortably live in pairs, but they also are okay with being petted and held by humans to a degree. So does this make them more likely to get along with rabbits?

That’s a tricky question but the general answer is still no. Dwarf hamsters might be more social, but they are still hamsters and as such are only social in specific circumstances.

Dwarf hamsters can fight their cage partners to the death despite their apparent sociability.

And even the calmest of these animals has only grown to be like that due to habit.

Hamsters grow used to the regular sight of other members of their species as they grow, which rabbits simply aren’t.

So dwarf hamsters will be as unnerved by rabbits as their Syrian peers. And since they are much smaller they are even more at physical risk when dealing with them.

So it’s safer for everybody if you keep your rabbit and dwarf hamster separate.

Will a Rabbit Attack or Eat a Hamster?

By now we have a clear answer to whether do hamsters and rabbits get along.

But how bad can this potential cohabitation turn out to be in practice? Will a rabbit attempt to attack or eat a hamster?

The first thing that we need to clear up is that no, your rabbit won’t try to eat any hamsters that come its way. Rabbits are herbivores (plant-eaters) so they can’t eat hamsters.

The mere idea of killing animals for food is simply not wired in their brains.

However just because they don’t see hamsters as meals this doesn’t mean the rodents are completely safe.

Rabbits can easily weigh ten times as much as hamsters. So it doesn’t take much for a rabbit to injure a hamster.

Generally speaking, a rabbit isn’t likely to turn aggressive without reason, but that only covers half of the equation.

Hamsters are aggressive and territorial animals that are very likely to attack if another animal comes into their space. And even the most basic response from a rabbit poses a serious risk to a hamster.

So even if rabbits aren’t likely to bully hamsters; it’s much better if they don’t get into contact at all.

After all, it only takes one rattled hamster or one curious rabbit to seriously injure a hamster.

How to Make Sure Your Hamster and Rabbit Get Along

So what are the main considerations to take into account if you want to make sure your two beloved pets get along?

Ultimately it mostly comes down to respecting their spaces.

Never put a hamster and a rabbit in the same cage. Rabbits don’t tend to mind neighbors much, but even the most social of hamster breeds will struggle with anything but their species.

On top of that, it would be a good idea to keep both species a fair distance away from each other to avoid stress.

Hamsters are very territorial, and the smell of rabbits can overpower their own and cause them needless stress.

Last but not least don’t take them out to play together. Make sure your playtime with your hamster is done in enclosed spaces and with no other animals around. It’s just safer for everybody involved.


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