Why Does My Miniature Schnauzer Lick Me?

Mini schnauzers are an amazing dog breed that are both affectionate and loyal to their owners.

If you have a mini schnauzer in your home, you’ve probably noticed her licking you all over at some point, mostly when you come home from work. Well, it’s perfectly normal for mini schnauzers to lick those around them from time to time.

So, you could be asking, “Why does my miniature schnauzer lick me?” The simple answer is this, your mini schnauzer could be licking you as a way to show affection. However, other reasons could be that your skin tastes good, they’re anxious, or they just want to play and capture your attention.

Is It Good For Your Mini Schnauzer to Lick You?

A few licks here and there won’t harm you if you are perfectly healthy. However, try to avoid too much licking, especially on your face and on open wounds. This is because dog saliva has some bacteria which can be potentially harmful to human beings.

For example, some of the bacteria in a dog’s saliva may cause sepsis in people with compromised immune systems, which can be life-threatening to humans.

Why Is Your Mini Schnauzer Only Licking You?

It is a normal thing for dogs to lick their loved ones, but why is your mini schnauzer licking only you and no one else? Well, when it comes to such a point, high chances are that your dog has become too attached to you, especially if you spend a lot of time with her. This could be also the case if you are the only person that spends time with her.

Another reason could be that your mini schnauzer is trying to communicate something to you. For example, if you are used to going for a walk together in the evening, your canine will tend to start licking you every evening as a way of reminding you of your arrangement.

Alternatively, it could be that the little pet is hungry or she wants some food or just a simple treat from your shopping bag.

The best way to find out the real reason is to study your pet and know what licking means at different times. This is because two licks can have different meanings.

Why Miniature Schnauzers May Lick You Excessively (Six Possible Reasons)

Your dog could be licking you for different reasons at different times. That’s why it’s important to take time and study her. Here is a look at several reasons why mini schnauzers may lick excessively.

1) To Show Affection

Naturally, miniature schnauzers are affectionate dog breeds and they enjoy cuddling with their owners, and I wrote a full post about Schnauzers being cuddly here.

If your mini schnauzer keeps licking you, it could be that they are just emotionally excited and want to show some affection to you.

In most cases, they will keep licking you if you respond with the impression that you’re enjoying it.

I remember a delightful little female mini schnauzer who wasn’t even my dog who would jump in my lap and lick my face all over if I let her, simply because she was so friendly!

2) To Enjoy Your Taste

Your skin can be somewhat salty, especially when you sweat. Dogs like exploring tastes, including the salty taste of your skin.

If you notice your dog licking you so much, it could be that you’ve just finished eating and she likes the taste of your mouth or your skin tastes good to her.

3) To Show Empathy

When you are stressed and emotionally down, you may notice your mini schnauzer licking you more often. This is one of the ways dogs use to express their emotions and show you how much they care.

4) To Gauge Your Mood

Your dog understands that there are times when you want to play and other times when you don’t want anything to do with her.

The best way to find out what mood you are in is to lick you and gauge your reaction. If you seem unfriendly and irritable, your dog may drift away or try to console you in the best way she knows.

5) To Relieve Anxiety

From the history of canines, licking may be a way to relieve separation anxiety after staying apart for a long duration.

This means that your dog could lick you when you come back from work as a sign of having missed you. This helps to ease the anxiety of separation between you and your dog.

6) To Express Hunger

Sometimes, your dog will decide to lick you as a way of letting you know that she is hungry. This can happen especially when you delay to feed them or if they want more food.

It can also be an expression of gratitude after giving them something good, say, a treat, or some tasty food.

How to Reduce or Stop the Licking

As you already know, too much licking can cause transmission of bacteria from your dog’s saliva to your body through sensitive parts of the face such as eyes, and open wounds. For this reason, you should help your dog reduce licking or avoid it completely (although good luck entirely avoiding an affectionate schnauzer). Here are ways to do it.

Understanding Your Dog’s Language

The only way to stop your dog from excessively licking you is by understanding the reason why they are licking you in the first place. If it’s separation anxiety, you can put in place measures to minimize it, and if it’s hunger, you will know when to feed your dog.

Licking isn’t bad at all, but excessive licking can be a nuisance.


Name one thing that training can’t solve in dogs! Since licking is mostly behavioral, you have a chance to train your dog and help reduce the licking.

For example, instead of licking you to express hunger, you can train your dog to go lick her food bowl to inform you, or simply run around to express excitement. This way, your dog will replace licking you with much healthier ways of expressing her feelings.

Offering treats during dog training works wonders since your dog will associate good behavior with a reward, and who doesn’t like rewards?

To wrap up, it’s not bad for your mini schnauzer to lick you. Just make sure she doesn’t lick the sensitive parts too much like your face or open wounds. All in all, training your dog and understanding your pet’s language can help a great deal in reducing the licking.

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